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About Suragi

Suragi is a Luxury Home Stay, a home away from home for nature lovers, driven to leave the busy, noisy, polluted, crowded city life behind and “LIVE” in mother nature’s lap amidst the abundant natural splendor of Uttara Kannada.

Our main goal at Suragi is to make available a comfortable, home like accommodation to people in a non-tourist like location, from which they can explore the pure, natural beauty of the Arabian Sea and its beaches, great locations on the Bio Diversity Hotspot of the Western Ghats and places of Historic and Spiritual significance and rejuvenate to get back to their busy city lives “if they must”.

Its specially designed to cater to young couples and large families/ extended families that need a home like accommodation to vacation together, into an un-hurried and simple town and experience a slice of life in a small town, along with must see tourist locations near by.

Suragi is an eco friendly house the layout and architecture of which is inspired by the traditional designs of this area with the use of natural materials as much as practicality would allow (stone pillars, tiled roof with wooden reefs, granite and terracotta flooring) for natural comfort.

Solar energy (abundant in this part of Karnataka for 8 months in a year) is used extensively for water heating and electricity generation to minimize the load on traditional energy sources and the waste is responsibly recycled.

The gardens have been planted with carefully chosen trees, herbs and plants to enable growing of home essentials organically in our own garden as much feasible.

The dual benefits of proximity to tourist locations, yet secluded and serene accommodation offer travellers an opportunity to get busy or “do nothing” at a whim!

So come, immerse yourself in the splendor of Uttara Kannada, where you can at best – Do Nothing ☺